Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kennewick Kennedy Gets a Little Old School Punishment.

Are you not keen enough to realize "super keener" is a derogatory term meaning "grade grubbing snowflaky pain in the ass, distinguished from the others by test scores and little else"?

We already know what you're talking about. That's what makes you a super-keener. You think you have super-keen insight on something that didn't occur to us. Yeah, yeah, the mind is the sexiest organ - we know. We had crushes too you know. You acknowledge that you yourself knew not to send e-mail requests for dates - that's what this issue was about. The direct solicitation - not the thoughts in the young lad's head.

Do you really think a super-keener with a crush would send an e-mail request for a date? No, they wouldn't. Super-keeners are annoying, not stupid. It's apples and oranges, sweetie. Someone keen enough to be turned on by their professor's intellectual achievements won't be confused by "the adult-student/professor relationship." Only a horny moron who thinks his teacher is hot and/or needs to get laid is that dumb. In which case, they don't deserve your apologetic super-keener-food-for-thought consideration. They hate you for ruining the curve, don't waste your time making excuses for them.

Now go back to writing something that will make the professor who wrote you one of those recommendations for grad-school put the letter opener down and live to get hit on one more time.