Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cool Story, Weary Traveler!

I have just got back from canada and have my paper in my binder and everything ready to be turned in. I hope it does not get points taken off from being late it was not my idea to stay in canada so long I was not driving and had no say in when we would leave. I told the I had to get back in time to turn my paper in and take my mid term for class but everyone I was with had spring break this week so they didn’t care. my paper is ready and I am ready to take the mid term. wondering if it is possible for me to take it tomorrow with out any points being taken off. or when would you like me to take it. I am very sorry and as you know from our meeting I am trying very hard now and am not missing anymore classes. I worked hard on this paper and would feel really bad if I received a bad grade for not being here to turn it in. I hope you understand and get back to me with what I should do.