Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Prick of the Week. Righteous Roger from Redding. Really. This Is The Kind of Shit We Get.

What is this shit with the adjuncts? The site is turning into a little coffee-klatch for people who won't spend another 15 months getting the PhD.

Yeah, I had to adjunct, but just for a semester. I was writing a dissertation, duh, and then I had 2 job offers at my schools of choice and I settled in nicely where I am now. We have adjunts here and all they can do is bitch about their union meetings and why can't they park closer and why won't we share office space with them? Uh, because I have a full time job and I need space for my research and teaching?

I'm very sympathetic to the job market "blues" I hear about, but the truth is the same today as it was in the 80s, good people get careers, and people NOT-SO-GOOD take jobs to make ends meet. They can join the club, and I hope they do. We always need good people.

But your site doesn't have to cater to them and them alone. You've let a lot of them recently tell their sad stories and the one that really got me was Principeld Paul! This guy is a piece of work and I'll bet my faculty club card that he's an humanities teacher. You can tell me if I'm right. His woeful tale of not being understood by the Dean and his desire to toss a student out being met with disapproval just doens't ring true. You can't tell me that there wasn't some other reason he got canned, like being a bad teacher. My experience with adjuncts is that they're carrying chips on their shoulders as big as my stack of publications.

Like I said, I'm sympathetic. But do a good job in the classroom and finish the degree. Or start it. Nobody is holindg a gun to your heads.

I don't give a shit if you print this or not, but if you do let me know. I don't read the page very often.