Thursday, September 25, 2008

Felicia from Falmouth Offers Face Time for Her Fragile Flakes.

Dear Snowflakes:

Please understand that the ability to reach me, your instructor, via email is a courtesy extended to you on the part of the University. I am not required to check my uni email account fifty times per day just in case one of you lovely headcases feels the need to pour out your heart about why you were unable - UNABLE! - to complete an assignment.

I understand that the gods were against you and bent all their collective wills to the singular purpose of keeping you from doing your homework. But I might be a hair more sympathetic had you told me about the extenuating (and extraordinary) circumstances standing the way of your assignment completion if you had spoken to me about it two weeks ago, when you first realized the Universe's evil plan against you.

Did ya catch that one magical word? That special word was "spoken," implying oral communication. I know, I know, I'm a freakin' radical, but when I was an undergrad 10 years ago email was just starting its electric bloom. In those days, if I had a problem, I made an appointment and TALKED to my professor. I would stay after class to have a chat, or - horrors! - show up a little early if I needed some help with an assignment. But I certainly did not wait until the day before that assignment was due, and I certainly made damn sure that I got a response from the proffie so that we both knew that communication had transpired.

I also would not have expected my prof to be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, just in case I had a question. Sure, sure, I was a little asshole student sometimes too. I wasn't perfect. I did not always complete my work on time. But I did not assume that my instructors were just waiting by the phone to field my question-riddled phone calls. Nor should you expect that I will be glued to my computer screen awaiting your slippery excuses for incomplete assignments or desperate attempts to buy yourself a few more days.

Love always,
Face-to-Face Felicia