Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Anything for the Little Darlings.

Sayid Snowflake: Hey professor. So obviously I am not satisfied with my grade on the paper, and during our discussion you told me to set up a meeting. What time is good for you? My schedule is pretty flexible at the moment, so whenever your free I can likely meet with you. Let me know.

Professor: Hi Sayid. Stop by during office hours Tuesday around 10am. Take care.

Sayid Snowflake: Tuesday I have an 8-9:15 class, then I go back to sleep for an hour and a half, and then i have an 11-12:15 class and I'm done for the day. So anytime after 12:15, or even 1 to give me time to eat is good for me. Thanks.


"This is Sasha Snowflake. I need to change classes and need you to sign a Change of Schedule form to enter your class. I was wondering if there was any possibility to see you about ten or fifteen minutes prior to your class tomorrow so you can sign the form. Thanks!"

HA! We're a *month* into the semester and you just now want to add my class? You "need" to change your time? Well, I "need" a wet bar in my office and fog and lasers to herald my entrance into the classroom. Looks like we're both being grossly unrealistic and are both shit out of luck.


"Professor Gullible, I couldn't make it to class yesterday because my car is bad. But I can go to campus on Friday night. Could you meet me and teach me what happened on Thursday night? I would try to come next Thursday night to catch up, but I'm pretty sure my car is gong to be bad then too. I know you drive from out of town too. Maybe we can carpool and you can teach and drive. :) I'm just teasing. But I do need to come in on Friday to get the class notes at least. I don't knwo anyone else in class. Your my only home."