Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What's the Problem? Those Shuttle Buses Always Smell So Good, And There's No Smoother Ride. Those Drivers, Too. Their Training Is Extensive.

This fall I am being "asked" to park off campus as part of a "Students First" campaign. The school is building a new parking structure, which will remove 10-15% of the parking slots for fall AND spring. The students will be allowed to park on campus. The faculty must drive an additional 15-20 minutes to an off-site parking area and be SHUTTLED INTO campus like prisoners. Or, we can take public transit - with no allowances for the cost or time either mode will take us.

If you opt to take the shuttle, you will add approximately 45 minutes to your commute either way (for driving, parking, waiting for the shuttle and shuttle ride). I live 5 miles from campus, the only way to get to class using our inefficient public transit is going to add over an hour each way to my commute. I could bike, if I wanted to brave freeways, but I actually don't feel safe on the freeway with a bike.

We are expected to just take this on the chin, with no compensation for time, frustration, gas cost, etc. Mind you, the board still parks on site. And, if we are late for our classes due to shuttle issues we are supposed to find a way to "make it work" by adding extra assignments to the class or expanding our office hours.