Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's Our Experience that When Someone Thinks Someone ELSE is a "Wingnut," Well, We're Just Saying. Modern College (cont.)

What do your readers smoke? Really. And can I get some?

The wingnut from yesterday made me smile. Of course he's right, the modern college does not resemble at all the institution I thought I'd be joining all those years ago when I was in grad school.

But have you looked outside lately? I'm glad to have keys and locks and terror training. I wish they let me carry pepper spray to class, and I wish I could teach my cretins from behind a glass partition, just like some Cleveland Motel 6 night manager. (Don't judge. I did that when I was a lowly serf.)

Oh, and your sweet Georgian building, with the rats and the asbestos, please. You should be so lucky that you have a college that has replaced that ugly pile of rubbish with something new, something with more electrical outlets and fewer toxic chemicals.

I guess his fear is that the world has changed. Yes, Lindsay Lohan used to be a cute little freckled-face girl whose biggest concern was that kid at camp who looked JUST LIKE HER. Now, though, we're all grown up. (Oooh, and I like that little boy she's dating now, Sammy Ronson...he's a sweetheart.)

Anyway, tell modern college wingnut to put his feet up and show Dead Poet's Society on a nice flat screen in that new building his college gave him ... and to shut up.

Make way for the new world.