Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Phys. Ed Phil, The Phony From Philomath, Phoaming.

I am so over this career. Is there some kind of trick you use to get psyched up for a new year? I've been teaching for 2 years now, and I thought it'd be a great job. I loved school when I was in school. Grad school was about the most fun I ever had. And now I'm a T-T at a cool enough place and I just want to go enroll in an MBA program or something instead.

Doesn't it wear on you, the endless parade of idiocy? The meetings that mean nothing? The self-congratulatory faculty bullshit where we all tell ourselves that our Podunk University is changing the face of 21st century education, blah blah blah? I just want to go postal on the whole damn game.

Oh, and the students, the students who don't give a shit, who think we're impediments to their happiness? The ones with too many questions, or not enough, or the ones who have the permanent blank stare affixed to their faces.

I see people in my department who look all revved up already and I'm gripped in cold fear and anxiety. I feel like a fraud, a phony.

Oh, call me Jim the Gym Rat from Germantown, okay?