Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oh, Don't Be Babies. It's Just Summer Hiatus.

Shit, we're tired. What a year this has been. The moderators have each logged hundreds of hours on the site, and we've taxed our brains coming up with monikers for all of you. Really, it's the only part of the job we enjoy.

But summer is upon us. Two of us are already done, out the door, living free and easy with friends, family, in-laws. One of us has a broken arm from water-skiing (dumbshit). One of us is in Canada, soaking up that socialism. One of us is still working, finishing grades, and manning the compound computer bank all by his lonesome. (Boo effing hoo, right?)

Anyway, every summer brings a hiatus and 2008's starts today.

Over the next 3 1/2 months we'll be posting material about once a week. We've found that this is the limit of what we're able to do. You can't believe how difficult it is to sit at the computer when your Speedo is full of sand and tequila. So, check in occasionally and we'll be putting up the best summer posts as they come in.

Also, we are famously lazy when we're not on the clock, so please don't feel bad if we don't reply quickly (or at all) to your emails. Someone is looking at them, scanning them, er, deleting them. But we love you all, really, even you, you the asshole who sends us 10 posts a week, all starting with: "I didn't think this kind of thing would ever happen to me, but..."

And although we hope you know this already, we get more than 400,000 page views a month because you guys make the page so interesting. Sure it gets contentious sometimes, sometimes feelings get hurt. We made quite a few of you cry! But it's all in the service of the greater good, which is, er, as we all know, um, the greater good is clearly the, uh. Well, we'll let you know what it is when we find out.

We consider ourselves fortunate to have a loyal and "involved" readership. And we especially are lucky to lurk in the background and bring this page to life.

The compound is very quiet this morning. Still. The heat has already come to this part of the world, and it will be nice to get away to some place with a breeze, some place without scorpions and wolves. But we wouldn't trade this life for anyone else's. The eating of the smoked meats, the drinking of the absinthe, shooting coconut husks off a split rail fence at 4 in the morning, driving small Japanese cars into the ravine at the end of the property and burning them up with explosives we get from our meth-lab buddies who live over the hill.

We love the academic life. That's the message, right? And we love you.