Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sheesh. Little "I Wanna Be a Helper" Just Can't Get a Break!

The email I got:

Dear Dr. M,

I noticed that you never have the copies of our notes collated or stapled before you come to class. You realize that most photocopiers have a collate and staple function, right?

My dad is the district rep for Ricoh and he does tutorials for businesses on how to use their copiers all of the time. I sent him an email to get in touch with you so he can help you learn to use the copier. The students would appreciate it if the notes were better organized when you handed them to us.


The reply I wish I could write:

Dear Ash-hole,

I know how to use a copier. I use one that is so old and decrepit that I have to sing sweetly to it so that it will turn on. It doesn't have a collate function, and stapling?! not that either. Do you realize that I spend 45 minutes babysitting this monstrous old copier in order to make copies of your notes every two weeks like I promised. I don't make copies for your convenience, I do so because 3/4 of your classmates are non-native English speakers and the notes help them to succeed in the course. I'm attempting to level the playing field here.

But, because the looseleaf notes bother you so, please don't be surprised when I miraculously run out of copies before I get to your desk next time.

Oh, and if you're dad calls me, please know I will tell him what an asshole he raised.

Love and hugs,
Dr. M