Friday, March 14, 2008

Buddy from Butte Goes Off a Cliff. Wonder if He Got His Meeting?

I wanted to know when you were available to go over some things from this past class?


I know that you probably wont change my points, but I do have suggestions and questions about the structure and content of your quizzes.

The majority of your questions were memorization based, we had to read two chapters and remember things like peoples names and dates. I believe this is unfair and I'm pretty sure I've heard or at least could find research on how questions that required people to basically memorize information weren't good. Personally I hate having to memorize something, I'd rather have it lectured, and I can tell you that every question that asked me who was the inventor of this or what date did that happen I guessed on.

My suggestion is that if your going to have questions based on memorization of text read, you should give some kind of homework assignment before the quiz that reinforces the knowledge that we SHOULD have memorized. Because who can memorize 60 pages of text in hopes that 50-60% of it will be on the quiz for the following week.

The questions I did want to go over are based on your lecture in class because I think some of the answers would be debatable or just plain wrong based on what you said in class.

Again I'm not expecting you to change my points, but I figured if your going to continue teaching here this is the information you might very well be able to use.


Now I think this has been the most unfair part of class and I would like to argue for some point changes in my two papers. You gave a syllabus with how the structure of the papers should be, which was excellent. The first thing I thought was "This is great, these papers are going to be extremely easy." which is what I'm sure you wanted, but then after I saw my grade I noticed you had a rubric with at least 20 other points that we should have touched on.


You took away points for key things that were missing from the syllabus, things that in some cases I think I briefly touched on as well as points for spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes. I would think I would lose points for blatantly misspelling something instead of typing "there" instead of "their" and not having my eyes catch the mistake. And I have to review my papers again but I can be pretty sure that there weren't more than 1 or 2 mistakes on at least one paper to begin with.The same thing goes for grammar.

I felt like the papers were structured like this: 1/3 Content, 1/3 Spelling/Grammar and 1/3 Content We Weren't Told About.

I feel like I followed the syllabus exactly for the content you required and shouldn't be faulted for content you DIDN'T require (based on the syllabus). I also felt like at least my paper was graded unfairly in terms of spelling and grammar. If I knew this was going to be a Writing Intensive Course instead of a Content Based Course (This is the topic, I'm going to teach you the topic and the things about the topic, and not grade you on how well you speak, or how well you can write, or whether you know how to spell infantalize or not.)

After reviewing my quizzes and papers I would like to schedule some time to go over the grades you gave me as I believe, at least in terms of the papers, they are highly unfair.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.