Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bonnie From Britain Offers Up a Mixed Bag of Ratings.

J: You have a sharp, inquisitive mind and a fine aesthetic sensibility. I know you absorb, process, and enjoy the material more than anyone. Yet you drink and play string instruments instead of work -- what a waste.

A: You're so diligent because you feel you're in over your head. You're not! If you relaxed, I bet you'd grasp the literature better and be comfortable enough to produce original, well-substantiated writing. Otherwise, you're quite witty and would make a good mom.

R: You are well attuned to the nuances of the human soul -- mostly your own, though you're compassionate. You would do well to shift the direction of your observation to tangible reality and to ideas unfettered by emotion. Know yourself, but with the perspective of sensing your place in a vast world.

V: You have spent your life being so brilliant and studious that non-academic experience has fallen by the wayside. I know you wish for a different set of laurels, like a girlfriend or stories of your own to tell. Because you're sweet and personable, you'll fill these needs in due time

P: Your ambition is irritating. I had written you off; but lately you have been unduly kind to me, and have thus revealed what a jerk I can be.