Friday, December 21, 2007

One Reader Nailed It. "Pete Is So Icky." But Why Oh Why Did One Reader Have to Take a Crack At Anthro. You Won't Believe The Smart Mail We'll Get.

  • I think this should be the next prime time drama: The academic equivalent of Grey's Anatomy. Like Prurient Pete points out, there are endless variations on who could be sleeping with whom. There are all the sexy conferences we all go to to get laid. We could include grade-grubbing bridery, cheating scandals, and embezzlement of department funds. The show could also make some commentary on which departments are getting the most sex. I'd wager a guess with Anthropology. Anybody have a clever name for the show?

  • Hey, Pete. You're interested in prof/undergraduate hookups? Are you serious? Sure, let's flush 8 years of student-loan-leveraged higher education for a little backseat bump-n-run with Hannah Montana's slightly older sister. Later, we can bask in that post-coital glow sharing Skittles, while she names every stuffed animal in the rear window of the car her dad bought her. Tell you what, Oliver Wendell Dipshit. Tell your colleagues to pull their hands off their pipes and get a grip on something beyond their protracted adolescence.

  • I wonder if Pete could answer some questions. What really interests me is the reaction he describes from fellow lawyers to his teaching freshman comp: [T]he other lawyer responds as follows: "I'll bet you got a lot of poon, right?" Let's assume that when Pete says "lawyer," he means "man." Do any of these lawyers have daughters in college? Do they view their own interns as sexual prey in a similar way? Or does this high-fiving reflect their fantasies, not attitudes or behavior? I don't have access to this sort of man-to-man exchange; I'm genuinely curious.

  • Yeah Pete, we have fight off advances from students all the time. There's nothing the youngsters find sexier than exhausted and neurotic academics. Really, it's almost as good as being a rock star. I'm also pleased to see that lawyers, in addition to metaphorically fucking folks up the ass, are taking an interest in how other professionals go about it for real. Anyway, I'm off to see a student about raising his "grade," if you know what I mean. After that, it's off to the Dean's office for some discipline, as I've been a very naughty girl.