Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We Love These Posts That Cast About On An Ocean of Ideas. Float Free, Friend.

I am pleased to say that in my poetry class I have six students that have expressed how they love to read and write poetry. They have already made contributions to discussions that were original and insightful. Of course there are the other thirty in the room, but at least I have six that just might write something worth reading.

I am positive that cell phones ringing in my class will no longer make me suggest the student shove it up the butt crack they show off. Instead, I have given the class permission to point and laugh at the offender. I guess I should say sorry to the little blondie in the third row who missed the first couple classes because her new tattoo was crusty. When the class very politely informed her to, in their words, “grow the fuck up,” she did turn red. But I am positive it was an attractive shade. You see, dear, it even matched the gum you had been chewing with your mouth open.

Even my desk puts me in a positive mood. The outlines are all in neat little piles. The textbooks are lined up according to the order I need them. Not all of them, mind you. But I am positive that when the book rep says that missing book is on the way that it must be true, this time. After all, a book rep wouldn’t lie repeatedly, would she? Besides, I’m positive that the classes I have taught without using a text were just fine. I won’t say what publisher it is, but its initials are Houghton Mifflin.

On the corner of the desk is my little stash of M&Ms right next to a small pile of Academic Dishonesty forms. I’m positive that in a few weeks both will be gone and I’ll be using another stash hidden in the back corner of my file cabinet.

I haven’t even mentioned the item that has me feeling so positive. I just got...wait for it...a 2% raise. Yes, I am now being given the appreciation that I have been waiting for. So let’s all be positive. After all, it’s only September.