Friday, September 28, 2007

Some First-Year Pre-Midterm Jitters…

  1. “Are we gonna, like, have to know everything?”
  2. “I came in late. What I miss?”
  3. “The blue books, what are they for again?”
  4. In a writing-intensive course: “So, it’s gonna be multiple-choice, right?”
  5. In said class, after a five-week song and dance about why study guides are not used in the course: “Are you gonna pass out, like, a study guide?”
  6. From nontraditional 30-something soccer mom leaving a freshman survey classroom: “I’m so [blood-curdling scream] CONFUSED!!!”
  7. “Alright, okay, so like, alright we only have to just okay, like, write what we remember from what you said in class, we don’t need to like read the book or anything?”
  8. “I had to miss last week, can I borrow the video and give it back after the test?”
  9. After assigning the exam for the following Tuesday: “So it’ll be next Thursday, right?”
  10. From at least fifteen students in a class of over seventy as the exam is being passed out: “I forgot my blue book, can I go buy one and come back, or will I have to take the test later?”