Friday, August 3, 2007

Where We Get a Semi-Culpa from Mr. Bullshit

We did receive a follow-up from this fella. We think it fills in some of the blanks that readers called him out on:

Okay, I feel like a schmuck. Nothing like gang tackling, right?

I failed to address the hours I spend on research and grading. I have to admit that in my 3/3 load, only one class is grading intensive. Two of those classes are sophomore sections of a pretty good size (35-50 students each), and I do have a grader for them. I do read many of the final exams, however.

My night class is grading intensive, but small. I do the grading for that class, but it often contains only 8-10 students.

Research? Well, I'd be writing with or without tenure, with or without the job, but I must admit that I spend 3-4 hours at least 2 days a week writing in my field - the humanities. I publish articles about twice a year in middle of the road journals, and I've published 5 books with university presses over a 22 year career, and I do have tenure which allows me certain freedoms.

I have taught more and worked longer hours, but that was as a junior professor. The folks I know and admire are able to do a great job with less charging about. I mentor 2 new faculty members and I seriously worry that they'll die early of stroke or anxiety. There's no honor in being the most frantic professor in the department. Perhaps it seems to them that they're showing how hard working they are, but the elders just think they're scatter-brained.

Oh, and for the catty remark about my salary. Where I live has a very low cost of living, and my sub $50k salary is about right for the size of my college. (A nice 3 bedroom house in my town costs about $115k).

But, upon reading my original post, I do see that I was too flippant, and I don't mind being called an ass when I've been one. So, a half bow to anyone who was offended.