Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where's the Line Between Venting And Just Needing a "Good Rest"?

  • So you bought the wrong books. Frankly, my dear student, I really don't give a damn. While I'm honored that you want to spend five minutes after the conclusion of class telling me your harrowing experience with the bookstore and how they conned you into buying the books for the wrong section, it's really not my problem. And I've got places I'd rather be. Go buy the right books. Return the old ones. And then stop your whining and start taking some responsibility.

  • Okay, I see you. I see you with your snarky little eye roll every time I ask a question, mention an assignment. You've made sure I would see you, haven't you, by placing yourself right in the front row. Great. We can keep this up all semester buddy, but don't think for a second that I will ever change anything about this class because you've bothered to sneer inappropriately at every turn. If you don't like the class, quit. I would love to have fewer papers to grade.

  • Wow, you seriously stayed after class to ask me if you could write your one-page response on a 3x5 index card. Wow.

  • Oh, you and I are going to have such fun this semester, aren't we, overly-involved girl in the front row? I bet you think I just love how you answer every question, how you send me long and detailed emails about every reading, how you stay after class to talk to me every goddamned day I bet you think we're going to be best friends, and that the A's will flow like honey. Well guess what? I'm not impressed, and if you send me one more email or corner me one more time about nothing in particular, I'm going to have to file a restraining order. Stop being annoying. I don't buy the bullshit.