Friday, August 24, 2007

"Sometimes I Need my Banana" - Post of the Week

Okay, so, no pajama pants. Why?
Sometimes, I roll out of bed and go to class.
Plus + I work in the ER and sometimes I have to wear my scrubs to class!

No drinking or eating in class. Why?
Okay, no four course meals in class.
I hate it when people chew with their mouths open.
It's disgusting. But I need my coffee. Or my banana. Sometimes, I need both.

As to the prof:
It really sucks when you go over class time.
Why are we packing up?
Because class ended two minutes ago.

Yeah, some of us needed that ten+ minutes to get to our next class. Because walking across campus sucks. Would you want your students late to your class? I don't want to be late to class, either.

Why are we packing up? Apparently, some students suck. It's very disrespectful to pack up before class ends. It takes thirty seconds to pack your backpack. Why are you fucking around minutes before class ends? It's disgusting and saddening.

To those who talk loudly in class:
Die. Die loudly.
It's embarrassing to listen to your "whispered" conversations.
Nobody cares. Why do you care?
It's not even an important conversation; yeah, Joe is cheating on Jane and Tri-X is totally slutty.

No, I can't understand a goddamn thing that you're saying.
Your accent is too heavy and I suck at Calc anyway.
Speak up? What?!
I can't even read your writing on the chalkboard.
Is my failure your fault?