Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I cry "bullshit" on the latest post on how hard we work.

I may be more of a dilettante than others, and I'm far too lazy to get too far into the math, but let me give you my hours for the past school year, a year where I taught my normal load of 3/3, all sections of courses I've taught before. My schedule semester to semester is identical.
  • Sunday: Zero.
  • Monday: 1 office hour, where I occasionally see a student, and do copying and so forth for my Tuesday classes.
  • Tuesday: 1 office hour, 160 minutes in class, maybe 30 more after class is over to finish up anything.
  • Wednesday: 1 office hour before night class to prepare. 150 minutes in class.
  • Thursday: Same as Tuesday, total of 250 minutes.
  • Friday: On average, every second Friday I have at least one committee meeting. So, let's say 30 minutes for an average Friday.
  • Saturday: Zero.
So, that's a hair over 13 hours a week, X 30 weeks of school, so 390 hours for the whole school year. I'm a tenured associate prof who has published 5 books over 22 years, and I used to spend more time on this as a junior professor, but I've streamlined certain things. Oh, and 2 years ago I won the &*&*&*&* Award at my college, the highest teaching award we have at my very average liberal arts college. And, I'll put my student evaluations up against anyone, AND the correlation of grades.

And I will still bet my life that the average prof is closer to my 400 hours than to the earlier writer's 2800. Unless you're just bullshitting yourself.

Oh, and to finish the math portion of this, I make $48,750, or about $120 an hour. That's a lot less than my CPA makes, but more than my lawn guy. So, I don't know if that tells you anything about my position in the pecking order of things.