Monday, July 23, 2007

We Were Just Starting to Enjoy the Summer

I dare you to publish this on your inconsequential blog!

Ten Reasons To Quit Your Jobs
(and don't replace my title with your usual glib and unfunny 'attempts' at humor.
  1. Because you think your own 'research' is more important than students. (PS: nobody reads academic books except other academics.)
  2. Because students need guidance not disciplinary punishments and 'rules'.

  3. Because you only work 8 months of the year while many of your students and the rest of the 'real' world work 12 or more.

  4. Because an 'academic' degree means less and less in this world. (Check out to see why.)

  5. Because on this site you all complain so much about hating it. Why wouldn't you choose to be 'happy'?

  6. Because too many of you have taught for too long and are 'burnt out' and have stopped bringing new material into the classroom anyway.

  7. Because too many of you rely on Powerpoint and old notes.

  8. Because I can 'earn' my education through books and the internet without having to pay a dime of your overpriced tuition.

  9. Because I care more about my education than you 'ever' did.

  10. Because you aren't good enough.

I have read most of your entries and am disgusted. I think it's repulsive that an 'authority' figure would stoop to such a low height to make fun of students like you do. I know you'll just delete this, but I think you should have an alternative position on your blog to show what a farce you are.