Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Where LiLo Appears In An Example, And Gives Us A Chance To Send Her Our Best

This place had made a world of difference to me over my first year teaching. I was shell shocked in those opening days, and a veteran in my department gave me this address.

I felt almost naughty when I first read RYS, seeing the unsaid things in my head all spilled out on these pages - many times with COOL graphics. LOL.

And stopping by from time to time has made me feel as though I'm not alone. The things said here do NOT get said in my faculty lounge. But now I know what others are thinking, and it helps me get through a long day.

Oh, and because I love the smackdown, let me do this:

JM: You may not believe me, but I wanted you to pass. I did everything short of writing your final for you. Why do you imagine that I want to "ruin your life"? I have enough on my own plate.

RN: You won't pass any class of mine, not the way you act. You treated me all semester as if I were some kind of highly educated personal assistant, someone who you thought should scurry after your educational needs like you were Lindsay Lohan and I was the guy carrying the Red Bull and Parliaments.