Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We'd Chew Off One of Our Own Legs If We Thought We Could Be a Manager

I read the most recent post with dark and masochistic glee. At least I'm not alone, I kept saying to myself. I teach at a small private school where, in addition to our service hours and teaching, we have been asked, in the interest of "being collegial" to:

  1. Go to a new-student pool party and (presumably, in bathing suits) play water-polo with them.

  2. Take part in a sex-trivia mock "celebrity squares" where I, as one of the "celebrities" would answer questions about sex for the students.
Needless to say, I declined and objected LOUDLY, explaining that it was misogynist and inappropriate to encourage students to sexualize their professors. But now I am seen as the "trouble-maker."

Of course. Any time a woman speaks out too loudy, she is a man-hating bitch, right?

We now have a dorm approaching completion. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they asked us to don our Daisy Dukes and get to lifting those boxes on moving day! To quote one of my colleagues, "if the dorm project equals move-in help, I'll break my own leg to get out of it."

When did academia sink to such new lows? The manager position at Starbucks is looking pretty good about now.