Monday, May 7, 2007

Waiting at The Door

I have read these pages with bemused indifference on and off. How can these people get so worked up, I often wonder? The kids are a hassle? Okay, not to worry.

But today was the straw on the camel's back, the finger out of the dyke, the last broken handle on the last decent coffee cup.

I get these emails this morning:

"Dr. R----, I went by your office today but you weren't there. I wanted to talk about my grade. I know they come out next week, and I thought you probably had already graded the final. I wanted to see what you thought the grade was now, and I wanted to tell you what I thought it needed to be. I don't know where you are, but I will come by your office again in another 30 minutes. Thanks."

"I did some extra credit for the class. I know you said there wasn't any, but I brought it by your office. You weren't there. I didn't know where you were, and couldn't find any of your colleges. Where can I turn it in? When will you be in your office today?"

Well, finals were a week ago. Office hours all over campus ended 2 weeks ago. I'm five states away, and not thinking at all about this or any other student. These two students successfully missed a total of 60 office hours this past semester (15 weeks and 4 hours a week). Why they expect to find me today is beyond me.

It's as if I wrote them: "Hey, students. I went by your dorm on Saturday night to see if you were working on your essays, but you weren't there."

Would I have been shocked? Why on earth are they?