Thursday, May 31, 2007

Post #500 Since the Regime Change - Silent Young Girl

Dear Professors,

I'm going to try and clear up a few things, rather than go off and "rate you" on pointless websites.

If you intend to continue bleating on about how badly we've graded you on course evaluations, there actually is a possibility that you ARE doing something wrong. If a freshman has just handed in the first essay of the semester, you are going to have to realize that she needs constructive criticism. It does no good to write that the only good point of the entire essay is that she "handed it in on time" or "had an introduction." We're NOT expecting the world’s best grade. We're expecting the help that we're paying for, that's if you even really care.

Seriously, if you really don't care about what we rate you all, why whine on so childishly about it on this site with repetition?

Please realize, professors, that this isn't a student trying to pick out your flaws as a lecturer, but someone trying put up a mirror, to show you that our problems are very similar. Next time you're about to post something on RYS, take a breath and realize your own wrongs, or realize that you're lucky enough to have a silent young girl sitting in your front row actually trying to take in what you have to say.