Thursday, May 3, 2007

No, No. Let Me Help You With That.

  • "I know you said we had a paper due on Monday. Are you going to give us the assignment for it? If it's in the syllabus, I lost that awhile ago and I don't know how to use the class website to download a new one."
  • "My mom is getting her kitchen re-done, and the man who is working cut the wrong wire. All of the power went out, and there have been like hundreds of people at my house trying to fix it. They finally got it back on at 2 AM, but I lost all of my paper...I only had two sentences left to write when the power went out. I can just turn it into you later this week, OK?"
  • "Thanks for helping me find that article for my paper. You know how we emailed a link to the article to me? Well, I logged into my email and the article isn't there. Can you go find the article again and email it to me again? Or if you can't find it, can you find another article that might work for my topic and send that to me? The sooner you can send it, the better because I really need to get started!"
  • "I don't know how to cite my sources in the bibliography, so I've attached links to the articles below. Could you put them into the right format for my bibliography and email them back to me? Thanks."
  • “I had a lot of personal problems this semester and think you should consider how hard I have worked with so much stress going on in my life. I need a higher grade.”
  • “My company will not reimburse me for my tuition unless I make a B or higher. Can you please help me?”
  • “I will lose my Teaching Assistantship if I don’t make a B in this course. Please change my grade so that I can continue to work.”
  • “I will be deported if you don’t bump up my grade to an A. My other prof wont speak to me about my grade in his class, so I hope you will change my grade in your class. You are a very good teacher. Please answer as quick as you can.”
  • “Would you please re-grade (and add points) to my first test from last January? I need to have a higher semester course average.”
  • “I have A’s in my other classes, could you please help me out and add extra points to my semester average so that I can obtain an A in your class, too?”