Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Aren't We All?

Dear Students,

T -- Writing "there was too much math in this class," for a pre-calculus class, is rather silly. Here's a hint -- the course is in the *math* department. It's not in the underwater basket weaving department.

G -- Why did you write 'slow down in lectures'? You only attended 8. It doesn't seem as fast if you know what we did yesterday, and the day before, and ...

H, C, and F -- You're super, hardworking students, and I'm glad you liked me. But why couldn't you have told me how wonderful I was on the evaluations that the department sees, too?

D -- I don't care whether you want to file a complaint with the dean, the course coordinator, or whomever you feel like. Write a letter to your Senator. But 68% doesn't round to 70%. It really doesn't. We round to the nearest percent, not the nearest ten percent.

A -- Getting a D last semester doesn't mean that you can skip class all semester, cram for the final, and magically earn that C. It earns you ...another D.