Friday, March 23, 2007

Why Is Mouth Breathing Such A Bad Thing? In These High Pollen Days, It Should Be All the Rage, Like Having a Blackberry, Or Going to Rehab

I got an email from this wingnut, we'll call her WN, who got 25% on the first mid term, and 0% on the second. She sent me an email saying she can't come to my office hours but she would like to make an appointment because she needs help and she doesn't want to fail the course.

Now we're not in a math course, but I don't think it takes a genius to figure out that she's fucked. There is no amount of help I can give her between now and the end of the semester, which is in a couple weeks, that'll get her a pass.

To make matters worse, I she'll probably come to my office, slouch down, sigh a big unintelligent sigh, and say she just doesn't get anything and leave it to me to decide where to begin. I completely resent the fact that I have to make an appointment with her because if I don't, I look unconcerned and undevoted and whatever other adjectives a shitty student such as WN might go to the chair with.

Student rating:
Effort: 0
Aptitude: 0
Hotness: I wouldn't know because she's never been to office hours but she's got to be a mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragger to perform the way she has been.