Monday, March 19, 2007

Snooze Alarm

A longtime reader sent this along last night:

This site sucks. The guy who started this site had some stones and he wasn't afraid to swing for the fences. This place has become so damn dull that I can hardly stand it.

What happened to rating students? What happened to "calling it little if it is little"? Your snooze-fest is like any other idiotic academic blog. I don't know what good you guys are doing anymore. I can read most of this bullshit anyplace where academics get together to pontificate about how hard their jobs are.

I used to have such a blast reading RYS, and I directed dozens of people to the site last year. But I've stopped doing that now because the level of discourse here is as flaccid as my own faculty lounge.

Can this site be saved? Do you even want to try?