Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Very Big Mail Night Yields A Lot of Support For "One Of The Guys"

Your professor who responded to that freshman with the high GPA needs to get over himself. I speak from experience; I took my degree from a major national college with a 3.45 with similar study habits. I took 5-7 courses per semester, which allowed me to branch out from my history major (for which I did none of the reading) into computer science (took no notes, didn't use the books) and Japanese, for which I probably studied the most (albeit that says very little).

It turns out that every curve has its outliers. Re-reading his response, I don't think he even read what she claimed and switched into tirade mode after the second paragraph. What part of "upper level courses" brings to mind phrases like "high school rehash" or intro-level courses? Further, where did that bit about tuition come from? I don't see a word of her posting that even implies the consumer attitude of entries past.

Seriously, some people out there don't need to kill themselves to do well in college. Get over it.


Given that the original poster is a second-semester freshman, it would seem reasonable to assume that she is indeed a university student. It's interesting that the "prof" makes comments about the poster being a "deluded, book-phobic 'hands-on' learner"without having ever met the student.

I also noticed that the student clearly says that she was taking upper-level courses as a freshman, yet 'prof' claims, "... semester one was a somnambulistic haze of high school rehash and/or some intro-teaching prof asleep at the wheel."

The professor also comments,"I assume we are not shutting down the library." First, CS students are often quite nocturnal, and second, many assignments in computer science courses involve lab work and wouldn't be completed in a library. I find it ironic that 'prof' says,"Listen to me," but apparently can't even bother to read the student's post carefully.