Thursday, February 1, 2007

Idealism Hanging On

While I may still be one to hold idealistic thoughts of what I do, I do believe that in some ways I reach the students in that imagined, Robin Williams/ Dead Poets' Society way. I know that the majority of my students don't give two shits about my class, but the few who do make it worth it. I am not there in the circle of tables or standing on my desk yelling "O Captain, My Captain!" for the ones who don't care. I am there for the ones who light up at the new perspectives they see through the assigned reading. And I am left feeling sorry for the few who didn't do the reading and now don't understand.

Yes, my views my seem very Pollyanna-ish, but it really does 'make me glad' when students ask what classes I teach the next semester or I find out that my classes are full and there is a waiting-line. I don't have the full-time, tenured job that makes me feel important, I have the returning student with hunger for more in their eyes. That's my thanks and that is my Dead Poets' moment.