Tuesday, January 2, 2007

We Have an Old School Start to a New Year

T: Why are you even here? I've stopped writing comments on your labs because I don't think you read them.

C: How did you get that great internship last summer? You're an idiot. Sorry.

B: I'll admit, you're kind of adorable. But you're neurotic! Stop emailing me! Also, sweetie, I assure you that your computer has the ability to print Greek letters. Really. It's brand new and very expensive.

M: So you're some kind of continuing ed student. I get that. So you might not be as computer savvy as some of the young ones. However, this class requires some level of computer literacy. Telling me that your husband usually does the graphs for your lab reports was not needed.

A: Oh surfer dude. You're smart. Why didn't you ever come to class?

W: You're a smarmy little thing, did you know that? Too bad we kind of ended up liking you. In ten years, I think you'll be on your way to an impressive political career. In twenty years, you'll be dealing with some kind of scandal while proclaiming that it's not your fault. Good luck with that.

R: You're the favorite student? Why? You're not even a good student. You're not the hardest worker. But you're totally charming, if sometimes pathetic. I admit it, you win.

S: You're a quiet one but really smart. Can we keep you?

V: You're great: smart, enthusiastic, and able to differentiate "it's" and "its." In this world, that's about as good as it gets.

L: I think we would be friends if you weren't my student. You're a fun person.

N: Were you hitting on me? Oh, I think you were. I realize that we're only three or four years apart, and you're kind of cute... wait, where was I going with this?