Saturday, December 9, 2006

A Favorite Correspondent Shakes Off The Easygoing New "Mission" Here and Goes RYS Old School On a Student

At midsemester break, I stopped counting the number of times you raised your hand to ask, "Is this going to be on the test?" From the scratch marks on my attendance sheet (not on my wrist, where I wanted to put them every time you raised your hand), I was at 17. And did it not occur to you that when I stopped answering this question of yours and merely sighed in resignation that you should have stopped asking the question altogether? No, apparently not.

And I do not know how you cannot understand why earning a "B+ or better" in my class is not possible at this point. You got a D- on the first test, a miserable F on the second test, and you only turned in half the homework. This is a math class. Are you honestly telling me that you do not have the aptitude for adding up the points you've earned and dividing by the total attempted? Suggesting that I provide you with evidence of your progress thus far is demeaning to both of us.

And then, I do not know where you got the balls to write me an e-mail demanding that I provide you with an extra credit assignment so that you could earn said B+ or better because "anything lower than a B in the course would totally ruin my GPA." Like I give a crap about your GPA. But if you care about your GPA, perhaps you should have attended class more often. Or you should have stayed longer than 10 minutes on some occasions. Or you should have brought something to take notes on or with rather than a cup of Starbucks.