Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Don't Hold Back

I've been teaching for almost 6 years and I can't say I've actually ever asked one of my 18 year old students, "What did you just do for the last 4 years?!" But I can surmise it from their work and behavior.

Why, oh why, do they think using "u" instead of "you" in a formal writting assignment is appropriate? Aren't they taught the difference between they're, their and there anymore? Are paragraphs passe now? Why don't they take notes on what I say during lecture? Why do they think test questions from the book, but which I didn't cover in lecture, are "trick"questions? Why do they act as if me not giving them a study guide for an exam is a crime? Why do they have the NERVE to ask me for a pencil and a Scantron form on exam day? Why do they ask me if I'm going to"curve" their grades, and why do they think said "curve" is simply adding 10 points to everybody's score? Why do they think it is appropriate to take a phone call in the middle of my lecture? And why are they shocked when I throw their ass out for doing it?

Administrators in some school districts insist that students be allowed to not only carry their cell phones into the classroom, but have them on in case mommy calls. And if mommy does call, students need to be able to take those calls. Students who are disruptive, etc. can be sent to the vice principal's office, but what's the point? They are sent right back with no consequences and a smug look on their faces.

The little one's every whim must be indulged, or mommy or daddy will be on everyone's backs.

In short, they are ill prepared, immature, pampered brats, who have been told by their feuding or guilt-ridden, over-committed parents, that they are special and deserving of special treatment, all their lives. The kids complain, the parents react, the administrators attack the teachers. The teachers get no support - they are fighting an uphill battle.