Monday, March 20, 2006

A Professor in the North Decides That it's Time for Midterm Evaluations - Olympic Figure Skating Style

Red Rainbow: You started strong. Your program looked good and interesting, but by halfway through you tired, your movement became slow and repetitive, and there were just too many mistakes.
Technical: 8.5
Artistry: 7.7

Blue Misty: Your outfits certainly work for you, but your program is poorly designed, poorly executed. It's mostly unimaginative, but still, there's something about your flowing hair, the rhinestones, the sequins. You're like a shiny, empty, glittery purse. Lovely to look at, but nothing inside to buy a meal or a clue.
Technical: 6.6
Artistry: 8.1

Violet Violet: I like the chances you take. You're very bold. Of course with boldness comes high risk and reward, and you've stumbled as of late. Still, you're an interesting performer. When you landed on your ass at midterm, I kept pulling for you.
Technical: 8.6
Artistry: 8.0

Peacock Peter: You're maybe TOO bold. A little loud, too. But, at least you're active, and that's good. It'd be better if you didn't date half the class. That leaves fewer for the TAs to cherry-pick.
Technical: 8.7
Artistry: 8.8 (but I could ask around...)