Monday, March 6, 2006

Michigan Considers What It Takes to Get a Message Through to His Lunkheaded Students, and Picks Out Two in Particular Who Will Now Receive Punishment

2 weeks before today, during class, I distributed a schedule for a research project starting on March 6th. "We will meet in the library in the 4th floor seminar room on March 6th, 8th, and 10th. During the whole week we'll work on essays, I'll help you organize and integrate your research, and after those three days we'll return to our regular classroom."

1 week before today, I sent all my students an email reminding them, and giving them the specific room number, 401B.

Last Friday I met individually with all of my students to look at their research topics, and at that meeting I reminded them of the library week, and asked if anyone need to know where the room in question was.

So today, when I get back from the library, I was more than a little surprised to find a voicemail message from - not the chair of my department - the Dean of the college, saying, "Dr. XXXXXX, I know you're rather new to XXXXXXXXXX College, but it's considered appropriate if you alert a department assistant or your mentor if you're going to cancel class."

When I followed up, I learned that 2 students, having gone to my classroom by mistake this morning, took it up on themselves to walk across campus (PAST THE MOTHERFUCKING LIBRARY) and did a walk-in with the Dean saying that I had cancelled class with no reason and they thought someone should know about it.

I'd like to keep my conscience clear, so I'm 'fessing up right now: These two students have entered a penalty phase from which they are unlikely to exit.