Friday, February 3, 2006

The Young and the Clueless.

A recent college grad from a university in another cold state has these thoughts to share about some of his past classmates:

B: That jazzy tune your cell phone plays when a call comes in is very distracting when your fellow students are giving presentations. What was it about the professor’s admonishment to turn them off that you did not understand? And not once but twice?!

A: The instructions regarding the presentations were explicit: No more than 15 minutes. We had 12 students needing to give presentations, moron. Your 35 minute ramble (which included the 10 minute summation after the professor told you to finish) meant that the rest of us had to rush through ours.

M: You know, I bet it does suck when you and your boyfriend can’t get your shit together to get to class on time. Just because there is an open seat next to me doesn’t mean that I should have to move so you two lovebirds can sit next to each other. All you two do is whisper about the awful day you’ve had anyway. Shut the fuck up and focus on the class.