Sunday, February 5, 2006

Sandy From the Southwest Sends Something.

Sandy, a sophomore from a large Southwestern university, sends this along:

I have often frequented the RateMyProfessor site for information on my teachers. When I found out from our school website that the professors were finally retaliating, I was thrilled! If we students have the honor of bashing or praising you (with bashing definitely more frequent) then you guys should also have the privilege of ranting about your students. I've read through all the archives and was highly entertained by them.

I think all of us students know or can relate to being in a class with those irritating students you all have so fluently described. Many times in class I have been sitting near one of those drones, mentally begging the teacher to march over to them and give them a good swat. However, I do hope the professors ranting on this site are taking certain factors into account when dealing with a troublesome student. I'm engaged to a guy who is probably a student you would have a hard time with. He's very quiet, struggles with grammar and spelling, etc. I'm sure a lot of you would think he's another lazy student who doesn't care about school. The truth is, though, that he's dyslexic. I wish you could see how he pores over his school work every day. He works hard and is diligent; it's just that his dyslexia is such a crippling issue. I hope when you talk about your "lazy and irresponsible" students, that you remember that sometimes there are factors you aren't aware of.

I also know some of the professors are justifiably upset over the RMP site, but here's some common sense advice from a student that will keep you in good graces:
  • Don't have your class buy an $80 textbook just because you co-wrote it.
  • At least act like you enjoy teaching us.
  • Don't assume we are all plagiarizing slackers.
  • Be approachable.
  • Don't assign "busy work."
  • Be a good example for your students. What are we supposed to think if every class, you show up frazzled and 15 minutes late and then don't have anything purposeful for us to do?