Monday, January 30, 2006

Silly Whining.

A student from the SUNY system sends this along this morning:

I hate to turn these things into a back and forth on the blog, but I have to call out the students are so "offended" by Professors here being human.

Students DO NOT post on RMP so that their professors can "become better." That is an utter lie to themselves and the professors. If you want your professor to take your advice seriously, use the Course Evaluation at the end of the semester. That's what Course Evaluations are for, not some silly public website that offers contests and spring break trips.

The majority of comments on RMP are not critical nor helpful, they're just silly whining and complaining of spoiled students. "He's too hard! He gives too much work! She has an accent!"

I really have to wonder why it's all right for students to make such silly and pointless complaints, and to rate professors at "hot," but when Professors turn it around with a touch of sarcasm, students get offended. It's a double standard.

For the students who don't appreciate the tables being turned, and who realize that their professors don't love and adore all of them, maybe you should think twice before you go on a berating tangent on RMP. Or before you attempt to use RMP to pick the easiest professors to breeze through next semester.

In the real world you can't pick your manager, so do us all a favor and learn to work.