Sunday, December 4, 2005

Something from Santa Fe.

A community college instructor from Santa Fe sends this along:

Hotness: 0
Intelligence: 0
Ability to Depress: 10
You are too dumb to walk upright.

Hotness: 11
Intelligence: 5
Ability to Depress: 0
You should immediately go to the registrar's office and sign up for my 201 class next semester. We're going to continue studying the human form. Sure, this is a Business class, but at least *I* will continue to study the human form.

Hotness: 4
Intelligence: 9
Ability to Depress: 10
Why won't you just tell those friends of yours to get lost. If they don't want you to go to college, then how can you think they're really watching your back? You're a smart kid, too smart to stay in the life your friends seem to be stuck in. Keep striving. Keep working. This place is working for you, and the benefits are going to be lifelong!