Thursday, April 8, 2010

A New RYS Playlet. "Easter Is Over, And My Chair Is My Cross."

Chair: We had a problem with a few of your students.

Me: Can you wait until I take my coat off.

Chair: Look, several of your students showed up for class Monday.

Me: Well, there you go. Why would they show up?

Chair: For class....remember you have class on Monday!

Me: are aware that the uni is closed on Easter Monday?

Chair: That’s not the point...

Me: I mean the buildings are locked...

Chair: You have to tell them...

Me: Faculty can’t even get in...

Chair: Enough of this...I checked your outline and you did not say that there was no class on Friday or Monday. It’s your responsibility to let them know. You also didn’t list the final exam day.

Me: The final exam schedule came out two weeks ago and if they can’t figure out there is no class on a holiday...

Chair: I’ve heard enough...I will be adding a report of this incident to your file for the hiring committee to read.


Bartender: He was joking, right?

Me: Nope, is it too early for a double?

Bartender: You do know you failed me two years ago?