Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thurston from the Thumb Reports on Early Semester Grubbing.

I'm clearly in for a long semester with Greg Grade Grubber. His first email contact with me about an absence:

"I understand that I missed a pop quiz today. Are students able to make up pop quizzes? If not please let me know and I will attend convocation to try and make up the points. But honestly, I do not really want to do that. lol Let me know either way. I have done my reading."

I had to politely explain that pop quizzes are point opportunities for those who ATTEND class.

Now I get this in response to a homework assignment:

"Where was I to find the information about a 'conscious conspiracy' and a 'tactical response'? I looked up both of these words. The question seems like one in which we had to analyze what Zinn said and draw a conclusion on it. '(look up words if you need to)' I looked up the words and read what Zinn said, but my conclusion was clearly wrong. For this question I do not think it was fair to deduct points. I have no reliable source other than a dictionary which gives several meanings on two broad words. Especially the word 'response.' I understand all of the other points you made for the other questions, but this does not seem right. Thank you and have a nice weekend."

When I responded with the fucking online dictionary definitions of each word and how any simple idiot (i.e. almost all of his classmates) managed to execute the question, I got the following response.

"I took the question as we were to draw our own conclusions, our own opinion. Even though my conclusion was wrong I don't see how I can be penalized for that. But fair enough. Thank you for your time."

(I particularly love the "how can you deduct points for MY BLESSED SNOWFLAKE OPINION? It's MINE!" The question, of course, did not ask for opinion, but a description of the author's point. He got it wrong.)

Sigh. Did I mention that this is for 5 points?!

Where's my gin?