Friday, March 13, 2009

Just a Little Old School-Styled Smack.

J: Yes I dropped you for not taking the exam, and no, I don't find the fact that you need the class to keep your insurance a compelling reason to let you back in.

C: Yes, I am treating you fairly. My "late PAPERS are accepted for half credit" policy only applies to PAPERS. Exams are not PAPERS.

T: So you lost your basketball scholarship at upstate U and are now coming down to slum with us, and that's why I should let you into my full late-start class? Do you really think I want a known failure in my class and I would go out of my way to let one in. I mean, normally I can't do anything about it, but in this case I do. Kick rocks.

J: Remember at the beginning of the semester you came to my office and begged, literally begged, to be let into my classes which had already started and were full. I got you into another section of lecture, and my lab section, you were so happy and grateful you almost cried! Remember how I spent hours upon hours with you helping you with the material, trying to boost your confidence, smoothing over your fears? Remember how I went WAY out of my way to help you at every turn? Thanks for dropping without even a word. I enjoy being slapped in the face. Thanks. But unlike you, I CAN learn, and so I won't be making this mistake again.

A, A and M: Why are you still here? The three of you often snicker and pass notes while I lecture, which explains why you have all consistently earned the lowest scores on every assignment. This is high school sweeties, you will fail this class and the fact that you've been here every day won't get you that B.