Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Sweet, Sweet Smell of Hiatus. (And Guacamole. And Burnt Leather.)

On the occasion of our 3rd anniversary, and the bacchanal that followed (where Yvonne from NBC's "Chuck" kicked the living shit out of Compound Chronos and left him in a ditch 40 miles out in the desert), we're going on hiatus.

Two moderators are taking time off from the site, and a number of folks who've been involved with the site over the past three years are having spirited discussions about the future of RYS. (Spirited means we're all being assholes to each other, acting entitled, being petulant, etc.)

One idea that came from a longtime reader last year - which we've seriously considered for quite a while - is lining up some of the more prolific "correspondents" and giving them regular space on the site once a week, that sort of thing. There is a large group of folks who write to us fairly regularly, and there are some characters who always deliver top notch material that usually is met warmly by readers. So we're thinking about that.

But as always, we're open to your thoughts, and we encourage you to send them to us. We may not be posting or answering mail for a period of time, but at least one moderator is going to monitor comments and help the rest of us sort out what will become of year 4.

In the first 24 hours after the anniversary postings on November 3rd we received 440 emails that covered everything from our apparent "casual misogyny," to where we could stick the empty bottles of absinthe, to (truly) scores of very sweet and supportive notes about the site and its role. We may still not have clear vision - nor are we able to make a fist - but we hear you all.

Our best,