Saturday, November 1, 2008

Not So Pale and Wan After All. An Avowed Humanist Goes Medieval on a Recent Pocket-Protector Dickwad in an "Ice Cream Coat."

Here's one Humanities prof who's got a little 'sweet' science to share with Poindexter the Puffed-up Pocket Protector and his cackling over Cory's situation. It's easy to be dismissive of students when you're separated from that horde of unwashed frosh by a phalanx of toadying TAs and a Scantron machine. Cory may not be cut out for teaching. Riding herd on a 25-headed blob that cares more for ring tones than Rilke is not for the fainthearted. But this much is clear from your pompous post: Squaring the circle between what is culture (humanities) and what is cultivation (teaching) lies far beyond your feeble grasp of what we here know as the "hard" science of teaching.

Let's forget the fact that most sartorially-challenged science profs look as if they've been dressed by their own lab monkeys. Forget that top-tier med schools now mandate some form of humanitarianism (i.e., bedside manners) for the heretofore sociopathic Dr. Poke-n-Slice, so ably trained in the "hard" sciences by fuckwads like you. Forget that none other than Hippocrates himself emerged from the same osmotic wellspring of Greek Philosophy championed by the "thin Philosophy proffie" down the hall. Forget all that. Let's focus instead on what a dick you are.

Humanities profs concern themselves with their students for two reasons. 1) We're not self-righteous pricks in ice-cream coats 2) We engage our students because we're the ones who read their papers. We don't teach them WHAT to think. We teach them HOW to think. We engage them viscerally through poetry or intellectually through philosophy only so that they might cough up something beyond a sputtering cut-n-paste hairball of aimless Googling and/or stillborn Wikipedia entries. The reality that this seldom occurs is why RYS exists. That's why the majority of posts emanate from Humanities profs, Dr. Sherlock Q. Fuck-knuckle. We're the ones in trenches grinding out the entry-level courses. We're the ones imploring these corn-syrup-infused zombies to consider for moment that their minds were never intended to be a Superfund site of corporate sludge. We introduce them to the concept of empathy. Then we send them to you. If you were in charge of that responsibility, this campus would be a fucking ghost town.

Walt Whitman and Wittgenstein leave you cold? Who gives a fuck what you like. Badmouth my side of the sandbox? This "pale and wan English proffie" is going all Cormac McCarthy on your shit.