Thursday, July 31, 2008

Today's WTF Moment. Julia Allison Deluge.

Okay, so we're geeky enough to read Wired magazine, a truly great mag that makes its way around the compound. This morning - as a little inside joke - we referenced "Julia Allison" in a post header, a 20-something narcissist who made the cover of Wired last month in the piece, "How to Get Internet Famous (Even If You're Nobody.")

She's a past editor of Star magazine, and a dating columnist for a New York mag, but mostly she just seems to be a gadabout with a remarkable gift for keeping the world updated with her ongoing "lifecast." Because we're serious academics, we've read her blog, checked out her videos, and even caught up with her frequent updates on

We're more than a little embarrassed. We also had this odd feeling that we'd seen her before, in the souls and hearts of our most annoying students, the ones who think their lives REALLY need to be chronicled on Facebook and MySpace, and who think that updating their "friends" is more important than finishing up a lab report.

Anyway, lots of people apparently scour blogs daily for her name, because we got about a dozen notes this morning from non-RYSers about Julia, some pointing us to her "new" site, some telling us we're smart for using her name to drive traffic to our site, and some, well, like the ones below.

We still don't get the whole Internet thing, we suppose.
Bleeeeecccccccchhhhhh! You only wish you were as sexy as Julia. Your article sux and this whole blog is a snooze. Righteous arms, people...only the righteous parties get my facetime.


Bunch of latecomers to the part-ay! Name dropping is not cool unless you really know JA. And she I am assured defiantly does not know you.