Monday, April 7, 2008

"Welcome to College!"

On the first day of the semester, I stand up in front of my classes and say the following:

Every day that you walk into my class prepared to give an honest effort - not to do perfectly every time, but to try your hardest - I promise you my very best efforts on your behalf. I will give you every bit of enthusiasm, knowledge, and skill I possess.

However, the first time you decide that you're too cool for school, or that you're just too clever for this class, I want you to drop out. Yes, I want you to drop out, and return the next day with your Burger King application. I hear Burger King is looking for people as cool as you. I will be a reference for you. I will lie and say that you're a good worker. I will even help you fill out the application.

If you plan on sitting here and doing nothing, staring at the walls and not bothering to do your work, you are a waste of my time. My time is valuable to me, and more importantly, to your fellow students who come here eager to learn. They will get my best effort. You will get nothing.