Friday, February 1, 2008

Usually, When We Get an Email From A [[BLANK]] It Says This...

  • You should be ashamed of yourselves.
  • I hope my son/daughter never gets you for a professor.
  • I have some stories I could tell you!
  • How come you never publish my stuff? It's better than that shit you put up yesterday.
  • I really appreciate my professors.
  • My professors are all dipshits.
Someone outside the academy:
  • If it's so bad, why don't you quit?
  • You lazy bastards only work 8 months a year. How hard can it be?
  • Do you love Asian ladies as much as we do?
  • Don't you want your ©0¢K to be bigger to bring more pleasure?
A Long Time Reader:
  • That post today was the worst thing you ever put up. This site was much funnier before.
  • That post today was the best thing you've ever had. You should do more of that. You're much funnier now than before.

A First Time Reader:

  • This is so funny.
  • I had this idea before you guys, and my version would have been better.