Friday, February 16, 2007

We Just Work Here: Snooty Sneddon Hits Us One Time on the Non-America Tip

The amount of complaining from the students, and the Bitching by the prof''s a wonder why America is falling so far behind in every aspect, with regards to the global community. Granted some student may very well be able to get up past noon, attend class unkempt, ask very few questions, and do well......but very few indeed.

As Americans, Both your student and Prof's take the easy road, for the most part. There are very few in either group who are truly striving for, and attaining their full potential. The "I want it now" attitude which is so pervasively entrenched in American society is a conundrum unto it's self. While parents either completely ignore their children, or make endless excuses as to why he/she is a special case, your country's Educational institutions are failing miserably. Sure Teacher/Prof's get paid peanuts, but your the one's calling your students monkeys...Ironic isn't it. Bitch Complain, Bitch Complain etc etc while the rest of the world passes you by, and where will America be then? The big bully on the play ground will be the one with the bloody nose asking "howd that happen?"

Its the same with sex, it takes two to tango. Your falling behind in Math, Science, and have always been behind the rest of the world in Languages, and probably always will. Bottom line is this.....Teachers, and Prof's need to get with the times, and teach in an interesting realistic way. Students need to be just that, curious, excited, movers and shakers. Each of you need to do your "JOB", so that the other may do their "JOB"