Thursday, February 15, 2007

"One of the Guys" Makes Her Own Case

First off, I have been a university student the moment I stepped into my first class. Secondly, I am far from book-phobic. One look in my room will show that. My dresser has more books in it then clothes. I not only have the required books for my classes, but have purchased several different books on each topic from outside sources. I actually spend a lot of time in the library reading up on the topic discussed during the lecture.

I may sleep past noon, but when my classmates are out getting wasted till 3 am, I am preparing for the next day of classes. I may not take notes but I do read ahead in the text-book and mark up the text with my thoughts and underlines, so that I can compare what the professor says to what my thoughts were on the material. I am aware classes will get harder, that I might have to crack open the notebook during class, or better yet get permission to start recording the lectures so that I can have the best of both worlds.

I am also aware that I might have to take a morning class because that is the only time it is offered with a professor who is known for making students actually deserve their A.

I have had it with professors writing students off after one semester. I have had it with those who judge students based off of the work they think a student is doing. My friends may become fry-cooks, but I make my friends based off of their character not their grades or their jobs.

My alarm clock is more then loud enough. I don't have the option of going to a 1:30 church service, so I am up bright and early at least once a week. Which by the way I also go to with wet hair, jeans and a hoodie. I figure it shouldn't matter what I look like on the outside; it is the inside that counts.