Monday, June 22, 2009

"Dear Cash..." Compound Cash Takes Some Questions.

  1. Can't you add? 2301 posts, counting this one.

  2. Not bad, and it's a dry heat.

  3. Five nine. One Five Oh.

  4. Used to twitter, but then gal pal started tweeting and ruined my online rep.

  5. Best thing is I can work at home.

  6. Worst thing is the endlessly draining stories about how everyone hates the job, the students, and so on. I know the topic has been covered on the blog before, but it's truly awe-inspiring to see 40 emails in a row that start, "I CAN'T TAKE THIS SHIT ANYMORE."

  7. Nothing bugs me.

  8. Carlsbad.

  9. Debbie.

  10. That's what she said.

  11. I can drink about three, but then I'm buzzing.

  12. Well, if you don't like it, man, just swizzle.

  13. No, I never saw that. But he was good in that Mamet movie.

  14. The red ones.

  15. He said, "Go get 'em kid." That was pretty cool.

  16. Venice Beach, right about sunset.

  17. It's a SLAC in the west. I'm a LONG way from tenure, but I play drums in a band with two guys who have been here for ages, and they told me they're going to lead me along the path to freedom. So that's cool.

  18. Maybe once, but that doesn't make me one.

  19. I don't know, I just didn't post it. It was too freaking long, for one, and too freaking dull for two. And you can quit sending it, because it's not getting more exciting the more you forward it from different addresses.

  20. Yeah, I know who YOU are. You use the same email address to download porn at And your predilections don't make me MORE eager to read more of your "ratings" of young students. Man, you gotta get a hobby.